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Series Producer & Director
Simon Gilchrist

Executive Producers
Sally Angel
Roger Graef

Commissioner Channel 4
Dorothy Byrne

With a new Ambassador in place, major relocation to a new Embassy site and an effort to strengthen and expand the ‘special relationship’ in the time of Brexit, Field Day Productions goes behind the scenes to show how a modern U.S. Embassy works at a pivotal moment in history.

Filmed over several months, the series gives insight into one of the world’s most important Embassies. The U.S. mission represents the Office of the President of the United States and protects its citizens abroad, its business interests and culture, and manages visa applications of would-be visitors to the United States.


"Revealing three-part look at diplomacy in the age of Trump" - The Observer

"...Fascinating three-part series" - The Daily Mail

"Compelling Viewing" - The Independent

"This classily produced film was never less than fascinating" - The Telegraph