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Nothing Like a Dame

90 minute feature documentary, for BBC Two Arena and Kew Media. 

This extraordinary film invites viewers to spend time with four of the most charismatic actresses of our times, as they look back at their long friendship, discuss their careers in theatre and film and even chew over some of the more personal challenges in their lives – from how they’ve juggled work and family to how they’re dealing with the vicissitudes of old age.  

Nothing Like A Dame has a unique focus that can only come from great actors who are old friends who have lived through some of the most extraordinary dramatic landmarks of the 20th and 21st Centuries.  All have received Dame-hoods in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the acting profession.



Eben Bolter - Director of Photography
Joanna Crickmay - Film Editor
Sally Angel & Karen Steyn - Producers
Roger Michell - Director
Sally Angel & Debbie Manners - Executive Producers
Anthony Wall - Executive Producer BBC Arena
Mark Bell - Commissioner for BBC
Jamie Carmichael & John Schmidt - Executive Producers, Kew Media

Premiere screenings at cinemas countrywide from Wednesday 2nd May

Also showing on BBC Two Arena on Saturday 2nd June



3 x 60 minute for Channel 4 Current Affairs

With a new Ambassador in place, major relocation to a new Embassy site and an effort to strengthen and expand the ‘special relationship’ in the time of Brexit, Field Day Productions goes behind the scenes to show how a modern U.S. Embassy works at a pivotal moment in history. 

Filmed over several months, the series gives insight into one of the world’s most important Embassies. The U.S. mission represents the Office of the President of the United States and protects its citizens abroad, its business interests and culture, and manages visa applications of would-be visitors to the United States.



Simon Gilchrist - Series Producer
Roger Graef & Sally Angel - Executive Producers
Dorothy Byrne - Commissioner Channel 4


Night Will Fall

90 minute Feature Documentary for Channel 4, HBO and Ratpac

Night Will Falls tells the story of the liberation of the German Concentration Camps. Using remarkable archive footage and testimony from both survivors and liberators, it tells of the efforts made to document the almost unbelievable scenes that the Allies encountered on liberation.

The film explores how a team of top filmmakers, including Sidney Bernstein, Richard Crossman and Alfred Hitchcock, came together to make a film to provide undeniable evidence of what the Allies found, but the film was stopped in its tracks by the British Government, and only now 70 years on, has it been completed. Each new generation deserves to access this evidence.



Andre Singer - Director
Sally Angel & Brett Ratner - Producers
Stephen Frears, Richard Merman & James Packer  - Executive Producer



“Powerful, must-see documentary.”


“It is tough but compelling viewing. Unflinching”

The Times ★★★★★



Emmy - Outstanding Historical Programming - Long Form

Peabody - Documentary and Education

RTS - Best History

Sheffield International Documentary Festival - Special Mention

Focal International Awards - Winner - Best Use of Footage in a History Production

Jerusalem Film Festival - The Avner Shalev Yad Vashem Chariman's Award - Honorable Mention


Missed Call

10 minute short film in collaboration with Little Dot Studios

Shot on an iphone X, MISSED CALL brings to life a series of conversations between Victoria Mapplebeck and her son discussing how he will reconnect with a father he hasn’t seen since he was two. Her son has no memory of his dad,  all that he has are the gifts he once bought and the digital footprint he left behind.  A pair of baby pyjamas, a Christmas card, two emails and just 100 texts archived in a now vintage Nokia.

MISSED CALL creates a portrait of a mother and son, through the stories and secrets archived in the gadgets we’ve owned and discarded over the years. MISSED CALL charts the challenges but also the real highs of raising my son alone,  exploring the ways in which our lives continue to be lived and archived via the phones we’re so dependent on. We  begin with the last  message received from my son's dad when he was a baby and end with the first phone call to him in over a decade…



Victoria Mapplebeck - Writer/Director
Amanda Murphy - Executive Producer
Alex Hryniewicz - Executive Producer (Little Dot Studios)
Andy Taylor - Executive Producer (Little Dot Studios)
Adam Gee - Commissioning Editor


Churchill College Cambridge

Series of short films promoting women and science.